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This is my programming page, dedicated to all my programming endeavors including my current project updates and posts from K-Motion Interactive, Inc.

I am currently the Senior Software Engineer at K-Motion Interactive, Inc. We specialize in motion analysis using high end wireless inertial sensors that have been used for various military applications. I love getting to work with cutting edge technology while making a difference in people's lives. I have had the opportunity to gain experience with everything from the manufacturing of similar technology, to the communication of similar technology, to translation of the sensors output into 3D Animation and into meaningful data related to the mechanics of human motion.

I am very passionate about my work at KMI and have had a large part to do with our golf product the K-Vest which I am now happy to say has been translated into 3 different languages and is sold World Wide!

My new KMI passion and responsibility involves heading up the Software Developement of our K-Health product.
This product is a high-end Range of Motion System that provides, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and other experts with very effective tool to accurately and repeatedly test anybody's Range of Motion.

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