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Affect Your Quantum Field...

This page will serve to highlight what I do when I'm not cranking out a great program or doing some design work.

First and foremost, my main love (as if you couldn't tell), is wakeboarding.

Below are some of the Wakeboarding pictures and info that I've collected in the past several years.

A Big Air Tantrum as Photographed by Chris Dow on 8.2.07. Thanks Chris, I'm proud of this one.

Another great series of photos by Chris Dow. Wake to wake 360!

Below is two successive blended pictures of a switch flip attempt and crash.

Blended Heelside and Toeside Hard Cuts.

My Secret Identity REVEALED!!!

I use the GIMP to edit all my photos. I love Photoshop and am more proficient with it, but the GIMP is unsurpassed when it comes to a great product for FREE.

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